Science Art
Orrery, Solar System Models, & Planetaria
Fine Art models of the Solar System

…I can never look upon the stars without wondering
why the whole world does not become astronomers.

Thomas Wright of Durham 1750


Science Art handcrafts extraordinary working models of the solar system. Inspired by the design of centuries old models called "orreries", our models combine the elegance of classic design with the beauty of nature, using semi-precious stones and brass for the planets and sun.

Across the expanse of the “fixed stars” early Greek astronomers noticed that certain stars meandered across the constellations.  They named these moving stars “planets”--meaning wanderers.

            In the early 18th Century, Charles Boyle, 4th Earl of Cork and Orrery in Ireland, received a device from a clockmaker that depicted the revolutions of the Earth and Moon about the Sun. This device, and subsequent models, became known as “orrery” and were the first mechanical models of the solar system: the earliest planetariums.  The planets traveled in circular and coplanar orbits around a central Sun, revolving at correct relative speeds.

            The relative speeds are correct within three percent.  In using natural material, the orrery is designed to reflect the wonder of our solar system as well as the beauty of our earth in an exquisite union of art and science.