Our craftsmanship is of the highest standard and our products are made of the finest quality brass gears, semi-precious stones and woods. 

Call us at 720-217-7609 to inquire about custom designs and our latest models. We have shipped thousands of orrery models all over the world.

Grand Orrery with 9 planets in brass, stone and oak
Tower Orrery in Walnut and Stone

A 12 sided walnut base with stone planets and orange calcite Sun.

Grand Orrery Stone Planets

The Grand Orrery with Stone Planets

Oak Base of Grand Orrery

The 12 sided oak base of the Grand Orrery

Calendar Ring of Grand Orrey

Close up of calendar ring on Grand Orrery

Overhead Grand Orrery

Grand Orrery with half armillary sphere. Semi-precious stone planets.

Close up of stone planets
Stone Planets of Tower Orrery

Close up of stone planets in Tower Orrery.mechanical model of the solar system

Close up of Gearworks on Tower

Brass Gear close up on Tower Orrery.

Tower Orrery with Stone Planets

Close up of brass calendar ring with copper trim and stone planets on Tower Orrery.

Close up of Stone Planets

Stone planets in the Grand Orrery under the half armillary

Calendar ring close up
Brass Gear Close Up

Close up of the solid brass gears in all orrery models.

Wanderers Orrery Base

The 12 sided oak base of the Wanderers Orrery. Base can be dark or light stain. Light stain displayed here.

Stone Planet close up

Stone planets vary as availability changes, but we try to represent the "textbook" colors and variations of planet colors and patterns in natural stone.

Jupiter and Saturn