Tower Orrery




  • Newest Model with zodiacal panels and constellation ring. 

  • Correct relative orbital speeds of all 9 planets including a full earth moon system.

  • Mercury orbiting 1028 times for every 1 orbit of Pluto 

  • Polished brass ovals have been hand inlaid into each panel with custom zodiacal art engravings.

  • Hand rubbed oil finish  

  • Constellation map ring corresponding to ring and inlaid brass ovals.

  • World class time piece hand made in the USA; each model is custom built.

  • Artist stamp of commission number and signature engraved onto plaque of each model.

  • The Sun, 9 planets and 28 moons are made of beautiful semi=precious stone spheres including lapis, orange calcite, banded agate, turquoise. We also offer a brass and hematite planet and solid brass Sun model.

  • Available as a battery operated (3 C) or hand crank model upon request.

  • The clockwork mechanism of solid brass gears is fully visible.

  • A twelve-sided solid oak or solid walnut base (customer choice).

  • An engraved calendar/zodiacal brass ring gracefully divides the upper and lower sections of a full brass armillary sphere.

  • Ledger holding brass zodiacal ring depicts all twelve major constellations.

  • Height 21” Width 21" 






The Grand Orrery is inspired by one of the most famous orreries of antiquity. It depicts correct orbital speeds of all 9 planets plus relative orbital movement of Earth’s moon. 

  •  The Sun, 9 planets and 28 moons are made of beautiful semi-precious stone spheres, or a hematite and solid brass Sun set is also available. 

  • Hand Made in USA

  • Earth Moon system included to demonstrate correct relative motion of the Moon.

  • The mechanism of moving solid brass gears is fully visible.

  • In fine woodwork is a twelve-sided solid walnut or solid oak barrel surround on 12 solid brass feet.

  • An engraved calendar/zodiacal brass ring rests on 12 brass pillars above the hardwood base.

  • Around the moving planets and above the calendar ring sits a removable solid brass armillary half-sphere beautifully crowning the Grand Orrery.

  • The armillary sphere is removable for full view of planetary orbits.

  • Height is 22 inches. Width is 15 inches.


 Grand Orrery

$ 2,495.00

Wanderers Orrery

When fully assembled the Wanderers Orrery is 16” high and spans 24” 

  •  The clockwork mechanism depicts correct relative orbital speeds of all 9 planets.

  •  Beneath the planets the solid brass gears are captivating and completely visible.

  •  A clear glass dome protects and displays the clockwork mechanism within.

  • A 12-sided oak base holds the mechanism/gearwork. The battery case and motor hidden from view underneath the black platen.

  •  The 9 planets, 22 moons and 2” Sun are all made of beautiful semi-precious stone spheres. Brass set is available upon request.

  • Tiny inner Mercury orbits in about 4 seconds and outer Pluto, in about 1 ½ hours.


$ 1,095.00

 Classic Crank

Our crank operated Classic orrery is fashioned after the style of several European orrery models of the early nineteenth century.

  • All 9 planets, and Earth’s Moon, orbit in correct relative motion.

  • The solid brass geared mechanism nest within a 12 sided oak frame, which rests upon 4 brass legs.

  • An engraved 12” calendar/zodiacal ring rests on 12 brass pedestal piers.

  • The Sun, 9 planets and 22 moons are beautiful semi-precious stone spheres. A brass sun and planet set may also be ordered (moons on the brass set are stone).

  • The planets span a 24” diameter.

$ 1,995.00

Classic Handcrank Orrery