Tower Orrery


We are pleased to introduce our new orrery design: the Tower Orrery.

 As with all our high quality orreries, the Tower Orrery depicts correct relative orbital speeds of all 9 planets (yes, we do include Pluto), plus the relative orbital movement of Earth’s moon.

  • The Sun, 9 planets and 22 moons are made of beautiful semi-precious stone spheres.
  • Available as a battery operated model. 1 D battery included.
  • The clockwork mechanism of moving solid brass gears is fully visible.
  • In fine craftsmanship is a twelve sided oak or walnut base (customer choice).
  • An engraved calendar/zodiacal brass gracefully divides the upper and lower sections of a brass armillary sphere.
  • The Tower Orrery assembles in about 5 minutes—assembly instructions and 90 day warranty are included in the owner’s manual.
  • The upper section of the armillary is removable for a unique and up close presentation of the movement.
  • We liken the crafting of our orrery models to the finest musical instruments available, and the natural subtleties of the semi-precious stone planets, moons and Sun ensures a one-of-a-kind appeal at an exceptional price. We do not wholesale our products.
  • Height 16” Width & Depth 12” x 12”

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