Handcrafted “Classic” Crank Orrery

  • Our crank operated Classic orrery is fashioned after the style of several European orrery models of the early nineteenth century.
  • 9 planets, and Earth’s Moon, orbit in correct relative motion.
  • Solid brass geared mechanism nests within a 12 sided oak frame, which sits on4 brass legs.
  • An engraved 12” calendar/zodiacal ring rests on 12 brass pedestal piers.
  • The Sun, 9 planets and 28 moons are beautiful semi-precious stone spheres. A brass sun and planet set may also be ordered (moons on the brass set are stone).
  • The planets span a 20” diameter.
  • Assembly takes 5 minutes. Instructions and 90 day warranty are found in the owner’s manual.
  • We liken the crafting of our orrery models to the finest musical instruments available, and the natural subtleties of the semi-precious stone planets, moons and Sun ensures a one-of-a-kind appeal at an exceptional price. We do not wholesale our “Classic” Crank model orrery.
  • The Classic crank model orrery price is $1595 USD 

Accepted payments are credit and debit cards or PayPal.

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