Wanderers Orrery

Wanderers Orrery

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Handcrafted Wanderers Orrery

-- The clockwork mechanism depicts correct relative orbital speeds of all 9 planets.
-- The 9 planets, 28 moons and 2” Sun are all made of beautiful semi-precious stone spheres. The Sun is orange calcite.  A clear glass dome protects and displays the clockwork mechanism within. We also offer a brass Sun and hematite planet option.
-- Beneath the planets the solid brass gears are captivating and completely visible.

-- A 12 sided hardwood base surrounds the drive motor and batteries. The on/off switch is discretely beneath the gearwork platen.

-- Customer choice of walnut, natural oak or red mahagany stained oak.
-- Tiny inner Mercury orbits in about 4 seconds and outer Pluto, in about 1½ hours.
-- This exceptional orrery is handcrafted entirely by us; we have created thousands of orreries made over a 25 year period.
-- All orders are guaranteed to arrive undamaged or will be happily and immediately replaced.

-- PLEASE NOTE: Any VAT or other taxes assessed by your country for international orders are the responsibility of buyer. We offer FREE international shipping to help offset these taxes.
-- We liken the crafting of our orrery models to the finest musical instruments available, and the natural subtleties of the semi-precious stone planets, moons and Sun ensures a one-of-a-kind appeal at an extremely reasonable price. We do not wholesale our Wanderers Orrery.
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