Tower Orrery

Tower Orrery

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Released in September of 2022 the Tower Orrery depicts correct relative orbital speeds of all 9 planets (yes, we do include Pluto), plus the Earth/Moon system. 

  • Full correct relative motion astronomical timepiece. 
  • The Sun, 9 planets and 28 moons can be your choice of beautiful semi-precious stone spheres or brass and hematite.
  • Available as a battery operated model.  3 C batteries are included. Or choose the hand cranked model for a more classical option.  Note: handcrank is not a wind up model, but must be cranked to move planets.
  • Handmade in Boulder CO USA. 
  • The clockwork mechanism is comprised of solid brass gears and is fully visible within a full brass armillary.
  • An engraved calendar/zodiacal brass ring gracefully divides the upper and lower sections of the full brass armillary sphere. The ring depicts both the constellations and zodiacal symbols,
  • The armillary and gearwork rest upon a finely crafted twelve sided hardwood base of solid oak or solid walnut. Other hardwoods available as special orders. Please contact us.
  • All twelve panels are custom inlaid with engraved zodiacal art on polished brass. 
  • The Tower Orrery assembles in about 10 minutes, 
  • We liken the crafting of our orrery models to the finest musical instruments available, and the natural subtleties of hardwood,  semi-precious stone planets, moons and Sun ensures a one-of-a-kind appeal at an exceptional price. We do not wholesale our products.
  • Height 22” / Calendar Ring span (oustide daimeter) 22"  / Wooden Base 9"

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