We regret to inform our shop viewers:

As of June 1, 2021 our orrery prices will increase. We have not changed our prices in over 6 years. However, our material costs, especially brass and walnut, have increased exponentially in the last few years.

Our current prices will remain in place, with continued free shipping, until June 1st.

Thank you for your understanding and please reach out with any questions.

 Please expect a 4-6 week window from order date to ship date.

Thank you for your interest in our orreries!

brass orrery handcrank
Wanderers Orrery Mo
Tower Orrery moving model of solar system

Give your loved one...the world! Beautiful planetary orrery models of the solar system handcrafted from

natural stone, brass, and oak.


Direct from our workshop in  Boulder, Colorado we make and sell handcrafted kinetic orrery creations…the finest quality clockwork planetary models in the entire universe.



Grand Orrery

Handcrank Classic

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--Wichita, Kansas, US

"I bought one of these in Boulder from you around 13 years ago.

Still love it.

It is mesmerizing to watch."

“Very warm Thank You!


My son has now received the orrery and was absolutely blown away, so happy that it warmed the entire room!

"Love it! A beautiful kinetic sculpture, no doubt. Will be a cherished treasure."

ScienceArt .com
Makers of scientific art and instruments , world class orrery solar system models . Original designers owners artists.
                       Boulder, CO  United States                       
Tel: 720-217-7609

The Tower

Fine art orrery planetary models of the solar system and scientific instruments. Handcrafted kinetic models of the solar system in semi-precious stones and brass gears housed in a armillary sphere. Mechanical models of the correct relative motion of the planets for educational and professional use.

Orrery Moving Solar System Model Tower Orrery

Grand  Orrery

   The Wanderers Orrery

Orrery moving model of the solar system kinetic fine a t model with all 9 planets revoing in correct relative motion science gift